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Between the inviting, open minded culture and the inspiring scenery of Asheville, it is of little wonder that this beautiful mountain town has become an epicenter of artistry in the South-east. Asheville's long-held passion for the arts can be seen everywhere in town: from its dozens of galleries, to its colorful denizens, to the town's stunning array of art deco and neoclassical architecture.  
Bella Vista Gallery
This passion has drawn artists from all over the world while rekindling an unprecedented revival of the University (UNCA), art festivals, studio tours, a tireless support network of artist collectives, councils, the insatiable appetite of an art loving public, and of course, thousands of dedicated artists.
The sheer number of artistic offerings in Asheville can be nigh overwhelming at first, so we've put this page together to provide basic information on the area's biggest contributors to the arts - and don't forget to check out our extensive directories of Asheville area galleries, art supply stores, and local artists. With so many artistic offerings and interests, it's easy to see how Asheville has earned the title, "Paris of the South".
Asheville Area Arts Council

The Asheville Area Arts Council performs an integral role in the Asheville community by tirelessly working to further the arts in the area. Through education, art events, and the continued support of Asheville area artists and art groups, the council is a leading contributor to the cultural growth of Asheville.
Front Gallery

Asheville Art Museum

As the only visual arts facility of its kind in Western North Carolina, the Asheville Art Museum provides a vital service to the Asheville community. In addition to its diverse exhibitions and galleries, the museum offers workshops, lectures, a library, films, a community gallery, and so much more.
Jpyce Scott Buddha Shiva
Tue-Sat 10am-5pm
Fri 10am-8pm
Sun 1pm-5pm
  Adults $6
Students & Seniors $5
Children under 4 Free

River District Artists

Nestled along the banks of the French Broad river lies the River Arts District. The area hosts a community of artists dedicated to the creation and support of art in Asheville. One of the best opportunities for experiencing the rich culture of Asheville comes in the form of the River District Artists' twice annual Studio Stroll. Held the 2cnd full week of June and November, the Stroll offers the public a chance to tour the studios, meet with the artists and admire and or purchase some of the region's best work.
River District
Asheville, NC
  (828) 252-9122
Map of the River Arts District

The North Carolina Arts Council

Enriching the state through the arts since 1964, the NC Arts Council is charged with promoting excellence in the arts by supporting exemplary artists and arts organizations while furthering arts education. As the nation's first cabinet level state agency for the arts, they are one of North Carolina's greatest benefactors, providing over 1,000 grants each year to nonprofit organizations and artists.
NC Arts Council