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One of Asheville's biggest draws is also its simplest: a clean environment. Its mountain air and water are refreshingly pure - a stark contrast to so many of today's cities that suffer from pollution. The city of Asheville takes great pride in its reputation as a exceedingly natural, low impact metropolis and takes equally great strides to incorporate sustainable practices in the day to day functioning of the city. Recycling is a cornerstone of this sustainability, and the city makes it easy for residents to do their part in keeping the environment healthy by providing an easy to use curbside recycling program as well as several convenient drop off locations for all of your recyclables.

Drop Off Centers:

Buncombe County Transfer Station (828) 250-6205
view a map: Map of Buncombe County Transfer Station
190 Hominy Creek Road, Asheville NC 28806
Curbside Management Materials Recycling Facility (828) 252-2532
view a map: Map of Curbside Management Materials Recycling Facility
116 N. Woodfin Avenue, Woodfin, NC
Buncombe County Landfill (828) 645-5311
view a map: Map of Buncombe County Landfill
85 Panther Branch Road, Asheville, NC 28801

Curbside Recycling:

Curbside collection services are provided by Curbside Management. Residents are given a blue rolling cart for recycling, no sorting necessary

Curbside Management (828) 252-2532
view a map: Map of Curbside Management
116 N. Woodfin Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

Curbside Recycling Collection Schedule: Recycling pickup is bi-weekly. To determine the pickup day for your area see the map below.

Asheville Area Garbage / Recycling pickup schedule

Recycling: Asheville residents are able to recycle an impressive array of items although there are a few things that remain unrecyclable.

Recyclable Items:
Metal Cans (Aluminum, steel, and tin)
Plastic Drink Bottles (All rink bottles with a #1-#7 symbol on the bottom)
Glass Bottles and Jars (Brown, Green and Clear ONLY)
Newspaper and Newspaper Inserts
Corrugated Cardboard (Broken down and flat)(Size Limit= 4'x 3' x 12"stack)
Brown Paper Grocery Bags
Cereal Boxes
Construction Paper
Egg Cartons
Envelopes (Paper)
Envelopes with Plastic Windows
Frozen Food Box (White Inside)
Glossy Paper
Junk Mail
Manila Envelope with Clasp
Office Paper
Paperback Books
Phone Books
Shredded Paper (Place in Paper Bag with Top Closed)
Soda or Beer Cartons
Toilet & Paper Towel Rolls
TV Guides
Wrapping Paper

These items are not recyclable:
Aluminum Foil
Pie Plates
Paint Cans
Aerosol Cans
Plastic Bags
Antifreeze, Motor Oil, Pesticide Bottles
Plastic Wrap
Broken Glass
Dishes or Cookware
Drinking Glasses
Light Bulbs
Window or Mirror Glass
Carbon Copy Paper
Dog Food Bags
Hardcover Books
Paper Towels
Spiral Bound Notebooks
Styrofoam Egg Cartons
Wax Paper