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Scooter Sales in Asheville on the Rise

The average price of gas in Asheville rose to a record $3.54 a gallon this week. This is driving many car owners to purchase scooters. The most popular models don’t even require a driver’s license to operate. Prices for new scooters are between $1,200 to $1,700.

Scooter sales in the area have increased 46% since our gas woes began, and it doesn’t look like the craze will end anytime soon. With gas prices predicted to climb further this summer (some analysts predicting $5 a gallon) these vehicles are a definite option for everyone. There is no shifting involved and if you can ride a bike, then you can learn to ride a scooter in mere minutes.

In order for one of these bikes to be classified as a non-license requiring vehicle, the bike must have a motor smaller than 55 CCs and cannot exceed 30 miles per hour. It is also illegal to ride one on interstates or highways. If a scooter does not meet these requirements, then it is classified as a motorcycle. The law also requires helmets.

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