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Asheville Homeless Network Partners with Anything Brand to Knock-out Hunger

Anything Brands

ASHEVILLE, NC – Anything Brands Online, Inc. and Asheville Homeless Network are teaming up to address hunger issues through the launch of the new Anything Green Online (AGO) Division Consumer Direct Marketing Program for the Asheville, NC region.

Dr. Moss Bliss, Co-Founder and President of the Asheville Homeless Network, stated, “Asheville Homeless Network (AHN) is working to address the hunger problem in Asheville, not only for homeless men, women and children, but for all those in need in the Asheville area, together with a major produce company in Hendersonville. A plan has been developed to sell fresh organic produce directly to consumers in Asheville, at prices that are about the same as supermarkets charge for regular produce. For every 10 pounds of produce sold to customers, another 2 pounds will be donated to food banks that serve Asheville. The goal of the program is to sell organic produce to 10,000 households in Asheville, which will create an estimated 120,000 pounds of produce donations every month.

“This program will be managed by Anything Green Online, a division of Anything Brands Online (ABOL). Consumers will place orders at the Anything Green Online website and will pick up their orders either at their workplace or a convenient location near their home.

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