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Meet Farmers at Ingles Event

ASHEVILLE, NC – The Weaverville Ingles Market will host a special event with farmer appearances, food samples, and kids activities on Saturday, August 8. The event, at 140 Weaver Blvd., will run from 10:00am to 1:00pm. Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project is organizing the farmer appearances, “to help people connect with the farmers who are growing their food right here in the community,” says Program Director, Peter Marks.

Meet Billy Haynes of Black Bird Farms and Allan Henderson of Henderson’s Best Produce at the Weaverville Ingles event. Some of the other local, family farms that supply food to Ingles include:

– Apple Wedge Packers, Henderson County, NC – apples

– Hollar and Greene, Watauga County, NC – cabbage

– Hilda Rico Tipton Farms, Rutherford County, NC – tomatoes,/p>

– Robbins Family Farm, Duffield, VA – potted herbs

– Seasonal Produce, Haywood County, NC – Romaine lettuce

– Shelton Farms, Jackson County, NC – Bibb lettuce

– Sunny Creek Farm, Polk County, NC– sprouts

– Windy Ridge Farm, Henderson County, NC – apples,/p>

To identify local food in your grocery store, look for the Appalachian Grown logo. The Appalachian Grown brand, created by ASAP, identifies food from family farm in the Southern Appalachians.

As a part of their work to keep farmers farming and reconnect people with their food, ASAP serves farmers and grocers. The nonprofit organization matches buyers with local, family farmers who can supply the products they need. ASAP also helps businesses market local foods and make them more visible to customers with signs and ads. Ingles distributes ASAP’s Local Food Guides at stores. “We’re pleased to collaborate with Ingles,” Marks says, “As a locally owned grocer with dozens of stores in the region, we see Ingles in a unique position to promote local food, and to make it available to a diversity of people.”

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