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Gardening Symposium at Arboretum Celebrates Great Plants with National Experts

NC Arboretum

ASHEVILLE, NC – The North Carolina Arboretum’s “Speaking of Gardening” symposium brings six highly regarded designers, research specialists and nurserymen to the region on Aug. 28 and Aug. 29 to celebrate and explore great plants, new ideas and inspiration.

Symposium topics include private and public garden design, new plants from NCSU plant research program, designing with grasses, new perennials from Jelitto and the Human Flower Project.

Expert talks by nationally known innovators are a highlight of the “Speaking of Gardening” symposium. Presentations for the 2009 series include:

Allen Bush: In the Company of Plantsmen Explore the values, mission and plants of Jelitto Seeds. Jelitto has specialized in production, cultivation and seed technology since 1957 and supplies seeds for over 3,000 perennials, ornamental grasses, aromatic herbs and more. In addition to headquarters in Germany, Jelitto has offices in the USA, UK and Japan.

John Hoffman: Ornamental Grasses in Today’s Garden Using stunning photography and 25 years of experience, John Hoffman brings you the latest scoop on ornamental and native grasses. Gardeners, designers and landscapers will discover outstanding grasses and grasslike plants to use as architectural specimens, decorative-urn focal points, and in sweeps and masses. John will highlight tough-as-nails superstars, wonderful grasses that pack brute strength and environmental muscle into their good looks. In addition, you will get a peak at new varieties that excite the senses and spur the imagination.

Tom Ranney: Making Plants from Scratch Learn how over the centuries, plant breeding has transformed and vitalized agriculture, civilization, and our gardens. Natural biodiversity in the plant kingdom provides the raw ingredients for fostering new plants with enhanced pest resistance, adaptability, and dazzling garden appeal. A firm scientific foundation coupled with the vagaries and randomness of genetic recombination can result in outcomes that defy imagination. The basic how-to of plant breeding and exciting new hybrids will be presented.

Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd: Our Life in Gardens Enjoy a highly personal account of over 30 years of experience in the making of North Hill, which the garden historian Mac Griswold has called “one of the best private gardens in North America.” This lecture is not only a biography of a mature garden and autobiography of a relationship, but also includes valuable information on garden design and on the cultivation of rare and unusual plants.

Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd: North Hill through Four Seasons Tour of one of America’s most celebrated private gardens as it changes through the seasons from spring to winter. Though North Hill is located in southern Vermont, Eck and Winterrowd, both professional landscape designers, have worked in climates as varied as San Diego, Montreal, Chicago and Kentucky. This lecture will be both an intimate tour of their garden and also a primer on essential questions of garden design.

Allen Bush: Stories from the Human flower Project and Beyond Take a look inside The Human Flower Project, an international newsgroup, photo album and discussion of humankind’s relationship with the floral world. Various correspondents travel the globe and write about topics such as Art & Media, Cooking, Ecology, Gardening & Landscape, Medicine, Politics, Science and Travel. Learning the Lesson of Happiness: the A(ubergines), B(eets), C(arrots) (New Orleans), A Paris Garden with Iron Bones (Paris) and Hunter-Gatherer-Sculptor (Philadelphia) are a few titles and small sampling from Allen’s many submissions.

Fred Hooks: Each Garden Is Different: A 30-Year Conclusion Founded on Fred’s extensive experience, the lecture addresses Post Properties and their creative application of landscape techniques to continuous shrinking spaces and the use of unusual plants in the right places, turning landscape into garden. Fred will also look at the use of maples in the garden and a brief review of some exciting new introductions.

Continuing education credits are available. The “Speaking of Gardening” symposium is sponsored by patrons Joe Myers and Stephen B. Fisher and sponsors B.B. Barns, Inc, Snow Creek Landscaping, LLC, Doubletree Hotel Biltmore/Asheville, and Noland Interiors, Inc.

Registration includes seven lectures, a book signing, plant giveaway, lunches and snacks and is $98 for Arboretum Society members and $114 for the general public. The symposium is limited to 100 participants.

Register by calling 828-665-2492, Ext. 317 or visit www.ncarboretum.org.

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