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Asheville Doctors to Support Haitian Disaster Relief Drive

ASHEVILLE, NC – As recovery efforts continue in the wake of Haiti’s most destructive natural disaster, Asheville doctors are participating in recovery relief efforts by supporting a medical supply drive, from Feb. 13 to Feb. 27.

The medical supply drive will aid in the disaster relief efforts of a team of doctors, nurses, and therapists from Mission Hospital and the Batey Relief Alliance and its NY-based partner medical group, the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE), who will be headed to Haiti on a mission trip from March 27th through April 5th to provide medical assistance to thousands of Haitians who are in desperate need.

“As rescue and recovery efforts come to a close and people’s attention may be waning, providing continuing medical assistance is of paramount importance to combat the spread of disease and to bolster the overall well-being of Haitians who will prepare to rebuild their community,” said the American-trained Haitian physician, Dr. Raymond Thertulien, a MD with Cancer Centers of North Carolina-Asheville medical practice and volunteer international medical director of the humanitarian aid organization, Batey Relief Alliance. “As a new resident to Asheville, I’m humbled by the outpouring of support and look forward to working together to make a difference in the lives of the people in Haiti.”

DONATIONS: Donation barrels will be placed at the front of the stores from Feb. 13 to Feb 27 at the Ingles Markets at 29 Tunnel Rd. in Asheville and at 140 Weaver Blvd. in Weaverville.

Medical supplies needed are:

– Alcohol Bandages

– Gauze Pain relievers (Tylenol, Ibuprofen/Advil, Aleve)

– Band-aid Soft casts (Wrists, Elbow, Arms, Knees)

– Topical antibiotics Antibiotics

– Antifugal creams

– Antifungals

– Antimalarials

– Antiparasitics

– Antihypertensives

– Steroid creams

– Antiacids Diabetic medications

– Rehydration salts

– Antidiarrheal IV sets

For those of you, who wish to make a cash donation to support the travel and shipment costs of the mission, please mail your tax-deductible checks payable to Batey Relief Alliance, P.O. Box 300565, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230.

,p>Donations can also be made securely at the website: www.bateyrelief.org with the subtext: Haiti Relief Campaign.

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