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Alex Minkin Presents Illuminated Cave Photo Exhibit at A-B Tech

ASHEVILLE NC – A-B Tech’s Holly Library is pleased to host Inner Earth Illuminated: Caves of the Southeastern United States, a photographic exhibit by Alex Minkin.

Caving is a family tradition for the Minkins and five years ago Alex began illuminating and photographing caves.  In his words: “Most of the time these places exist in absolute darkness. When they’re illuminated, however, they have the power to stimulate every sense in the body. They can evoke both fear and excitement, or provide a place of absolute peace and solace. I have illuminated the caves with various colors in order to represent the feeling one has upon discovery.”

Instructor Rock Doddridge says that “Alex was a dual enrolled student here in spring of 2006. He took Psych 150 with me, doing a superb job. His father is a surgeon with Carolina Hand Surgery. Alex has committed himself to maximizing his talents and interests, and living life fully.” Alex earned his BFA from Guilford College in 2011.

The library will host a reception for Alex at noon Monday, March 5 in Holly Lobby. The exhibit runs March 5 through April 27.

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