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Good Reads for Earth Day

ASHEVILLE NC – A warm spring day and a good book – does it get much better? If there are children or young adults in your life, Trash, written by Andy MulliganEarth Day (April 22) is a great time to share a good book with an environmental message. And the public library is a good place to start!

Public libraries were green before being green was cool. By using the library to find your books and other materials, not only do you save money, but the items libraries buy are used by many people – saving the environment, too.

After all, we can all make a difference. Try these books on for size:

  • Sheila Says We’re Weird, written by Ruth Ann Smalley and illustrated by Jennifer Emery – Sheila’s neighbors have some odd habits – they hang out their clothes to dry, they ride their bikes to the library instead of riding in the car, they grow a garden, and they use a reel mower instead of a gas mower.
    Sheila doesn’t know what to think! But as she gets to know them, she learns that they serve wonderful homemade food and do lots of fun things. It turns out they aren’t so weird after all!
  • Riparia’s River, written by Michael J. Caduto and illustrated by Olga Pastuchiv – When Gretchen, Jason, Mark, and Daphne find their favorite swimming hole filled with green slime, they are horrified. Riparia, a mysterious naturalist, helps the children understand how the water became polluted and how to restore the river to health.
  • Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?, written by Sabbithry Persad – The first book in the “Garbology Kids” series, this story follows Tiana and her family as they search for their lost dog, Bubbles.
    The search leads them to the Materials Recovery Facility. Along the way, they learn how recycling works.
  • Rascal and Shady Recycle and Reuse, written by Beth Starr and illustrated by James Balkovek – Rascal and Shady are raccoons who love to play “I Spy” in the woods. Unfortunately, they spy a lot of “people droppings.”
    They manage to get their friends to help them clean up and put the items to good use.
  • *The Lorax, written by Dr. Seuss – With the movie version in theaters this spring, take advantage of the opportunity to pull out the book and read it together. Not only can you talk about the Lorax and his message, but you can also discuss how books and movies are similar and yet different.
  • *Trash, written by Andy Mulligan – This book is for young adults grade seven and up), not children. In the not-so-distant future in a Third World country, three teen boys spend their days picking through trash at the dump site. One day, they find a mysterious item – only to discover that lots of other people are looking for it, too.

* These books are available for check out from the Buncombe County Public Library System.

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