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APD Releases Results of Operation “Mountain Dawn”

ASHEVILLE NC – After a four month investigation by the Drug Suppression Unit of the Asheville Police Department into illegal activity in our city, we are pleased to announce the following information.

In the early morning hours of August 8th, five arrest teams consisting of 40 officers of the Asheville Police Department and Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department searched for 32 individuals with outstanding felony warrants and Grand Jury indictments.

These individuals had been targets of illegal activity in our city.  Through a coordinated effort by members of the Department’s Drug Suppression Unit many of these individuals were connected to a variety of crimes to Robbery, Kidnapping and other habitual crimes.  Most were charged with selling illegal drugs through undercover operations.

We are pleased to announce 22 or the 32 have been arrested and removed from our streets.

Most of the arrests took place in various public housing communities in Asheville and is part of our on-going commitment in achieving the goal of the Asheville City Council to make Asheville one of the safest Cities in America.

We will continue to search for the 10 remaining individuals and we ask the public to assist us in locating these individuals.

Anyone with information as to their whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Asheville Police Department at 252-1110 or Buncombe County Crime Stoppers at 255-5050.

Chief Anderson would like to personally like to thank all the officers involved in this operation to include members of APD and especially Sheriff Duncan and the members of the Buncombe County Sheriff’s office.

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