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Energy Documentary “Switch” at UNC Asheville and A-B Tech

ASHEVILLE NC – The energy documentary “Switch” will be screened at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 20 at UNC Asheville in Rhodes-Robinson Hall, Room 125 and at 4 p.m. Feb. 21 in Ferguson Auditorium at A-B Tech Community College.

The screenings are in observance of National Engineers Week and will provide the public a wide-ranging, objective and pragmatic look at the complete spectrum of energy generation, including nuclear, fossil-fueled and renewable resources.

Sponsored by E4 Carolinas, directed by Arcos Films and Harry Lynch and co-produced and narrated by Dr. Scott Tinker, the free screenings provide the public an opportunity to see concise assessments of the energy technologies’ attributes and challenges. The screenings are made possible by the Colburn Earth Science Museum.

Following the UNC Asheville showing, a panel of energy professionals will discuss with the audience the energy industry in the Carolinas. Jeffrey Wilcox, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at UNC Asheville will host the Feb. 20 panel, which will include his faculty colleague, Kevin Moorhead, Professor of Environmental Studies, and others. The Feb. 21 showing, which is being hosted by the Institute for Climate Education at A-B Tech, will be followed by a Q&A session with Jon Snover, Director of the Global Institute for Sustainability Technologies at the College.

The documentary explores the world’s leading energy sites, including some that are highly restricted and never before seen on film. Tinker aims to provide straight answers from the people driving energy today — international leaders of government, industry and academia – and to cut through the confusion to create a common understanding of what the energy future holds.

About the documentary

“Switch” was filmed in 11 countries at 27 energy sites, ranging from the Evanger Hydropower Plant in Norway to La Hague’s nuclear recycling center in Normandy, France, the Andasol concentrating solar station in Granada, Spain, and the Belle Ayr Coal Mine in Wyoming.

It includes 53 expert interviews, 24 renewable energy specialists, 19 fossil energy specialists, 11 plant managers for all energy types, 10 of the world’s leading energy experts in government and academia and nine CEOs of international energy companies, fossil and renewable.

About E4 Carolinas

E4 Carolinas is a not-for-profit corporation that convenes industry, research and educational institutions, innovators, economic development organizations, and public leaders to coordinate the energy industry cluster in the Carolinas. “E4” stands for energy, economy, environment and efficiency reflecting the organizations focus on innovation, effective energy policies, and a growing energy workforce in the Carolinas.

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