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West Asheville Healing Center Aromatherapy and Incense Boutique

Thursday, September 19th, 2013
ASHEVILLE NC – The Center for Holistic Medicine on Haywood Road in downtown West Asheville will be converting its front reception room into an aromatherapy and incense boutique this coming October.  “After five years in business, we are aiming to expand our offerings and bring to the community rare and hand-selected products that you just can’t find anywhere else in town,” says acupuncturist and Center founder Nancy Hyton.  “We also want to make these items available because we feel that they can extend the healing experience, giving people something to take with them that they can enjoy at home.”  The Center will continue to provide holistic services, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, craniosacral therapy, and therapeutic massage, and plans to expand its offerings soon to include things like aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, and lymphatic drainage.
Products like essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers, aromatic resins and woods, essential oil candles, massage oils, and incense will be available, as well as specialty items like crystals, maneki neko, and Japanese tea sets. “Aromatherapy is a pleasurable and easy way to benefit from the healing properties of plants,” says Nancy.  “These things don’t just smell great, they also have healing properties.  Most people who take herbs don’t realize that inhalation is a very effective way to absorb a plant’s medicine.”
The boutique will feature natural Japanese incense from esteemed companies like Nippon Kodo (established 1575), Baieodo (est. 1657), and Shoyeido (est. 1705).  These incenses are produced in traditional ways from secret family recipes, and are made from a dough of woods, herbs, and resins that is extruded like spaghetti.  “It is a totally different experience from the incenses one commonly finds for sale in the US that use petroleum-based chemicals for fragrance and sodium nitrate to make them burn,” says Nancy.  “Because these incenses are made from 100% plant material, they are very light and pleasant smelling and have the added benefit of the aromatherapy properties of the plants.” They are also lower in smoke because they do not have a bamboo core.  Some of the many benefits of these natural incenses include a reduction in stress and anxiety, sharper focus for study and meditation, improved sleep, and air purification.
“I have been using traditional Japanese incense and essential oils for decades and I really want to turn people onto the world of authentic aromatherapy,” says Nancy.  “We are assaulted by synthetic aromas on a daily basis to such an extent that most of us don’t even remember what natural things smell like any more,” she says.  The boutique will open on Tuesday, October 8th with an official opening reception on Thursday, October 26th at 7pm and special incense-sampling parties to be announced.  The Center for Holistic Medicine is located in West Asheville at 779 Haywood Road in the Bledsoe Building between the Westville Pub and Orbit DVD.  Their website is www.centerholistic.com and their phone number is (828) 505-3174.