Troyer’s Amish Festival in Asheville, NC

Did you know that Asheville has a great Amish Store located just a few miles from downtown? It appears that hundreds are already aware as they attended the 4th annual Amish Festival and Customer Appreciation Day on October 16that Troyer’s Amish BlatzMusic was provided by Brushfire Stankgrass, who grew up right over the mountain from Troyer’s.


A group from the Amish Community in Ohio make beautiful handcrafted furniture, and many of their products sold at Troyer’s were at the festivalFood included a BBQ plate available for purchase and local vendors provided samples of their foods including Looking Glass Creamery  and Heatherlane Farm’s Mountain Made Goat’s Milk Fudge, which were both hidden treasures to some before this event.  Ice cream was made by using the motor of a John Deer Tractor to churn and mold this delicious creation.  Asheville is full of opportunities for those who want to create their own foods and live a simple way of life by living off the land.

The community of Asheville has Phil and Bonnie Troyer to thank for bringing this opportunity to Asheville to experience the wonderful products sold at their store, as well as this annual celebration.  The Troyers could be seen smiling as they mingled with the crowd. Inside the store, business was bustling as usual and it was hard to decide what to take home, as the selection of Amish and local foods is abundant.  Visit their store and become one of the customers who will not want to miss this event next year. You will be glad you came to see all Troyer’s in Asheville has to offer.

Story and Photos by Deborah Pustorino