Asheville Citizen-Times

Anyone living in Asheville North Carolina knows that the Asheville Citizen-Times is the best place for local and larger news. Published daily, the Asheville newspaper delivers content focusing on regional issues, local sports, and area entertainment options, all useful to anyone living or visiting the area. Copies of the paper can be picked up at various locations around the city, and subscriptions are also available, if you are just planning a trip to the Asheville NC area, then check out their website to get acquainted with local issues!

Asheville Citizen-Times Website

When you find yourself on the Asheville Citizen-Times website, be sure to check out all of their online exclusive content. With many local bloggers and even more local readers, issues of importance are explored at levels beyond what could be published in any of the newspapers in Asheville. Online functions also allow you to comment on articles, and submit direct feedback or information to editors. This open line of communication keeps the Asheville Citizen-Times on top of Asheville news that matters most. With the Asheville Citizen Times website being the first newspaper website in Western North Carolina it has a long history in keeping people connected to their local Asheville news.

Asheville Citizen-Times History

Officially founded in 1991 as a merger between two former newspapers in Asheville, the Asheville Citizen-Times quickly became the go-to source for local news. With its roots in early Asheville NC literary figures, like O. Henry and F. Scott Fitzgerald, it is not wonder that this Asheville paper has become a staple in every Asheville resident’s life. Either through casual breakfast readership, or loyal subscription, everyone in Asheville gets something from the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Other Asheville Papers

While the Asheville Citizen-Times plays the crucial role of supplying daily information to Asheville residents, it is not the only paper that holds a dear place in their hearts. The weekly editions of The Mountain Xpress are also staples in any local’s literature consumption. With their focus on art and music, for any Asheville resident The Mountain Xpress is perfect for finding out about local entertainment options. There are also a variety of other periodical publications, some weekly and others monthly, which make up an important part of local Asheville journalism. Some titles includes Bold Life, WNC Magazine, The New Life Journal, Verve Magazine, and WNC Woman. Each one covers their own specific niche of what makes Asheville NC such a special place.