Asheville NC Attractions

There Are Asheville NC Attractions for Everyone

There is no shortage of Asheville NC attractions to enjoy. From casual strolling on city streets and days in the park to full on nature excursions, Asheville NC attractions will soothe or thrill anyone as much as they are looking for. The city is full of contrasting elements that keep Asheville NC attractions make the town unique and always worth a visit year round: natural beauty is coupled with beautiful artwork of all kinds; exotic flavors from the world are served alongside good southern cookin’; and historic sites are carefully maintained in the midst of recurring celebrations and music festivals.

Natural Asheville NC Attractions in the Wilds

Western North Carolina is an outdoorsman’s paradise. Asheville NC attractions put adventurers back in their natural habitat. The Appalachian Mountains offer fantastic hiking, climbing, and scenery, rivers in the area provide kayaking and canoeing, and popular zip-line tours send you through the forest canopies. And outdoor Asheville NC attractions are usually just a few minutes’ drive outside of the city itself so adventurers can spend the day in the breeze and clean up for a pub crawl. Alternatively, some of the best outdoor Asheville NC attractions are luxury log cabins to truly escape the trappings of the world without leaving plumbing behind.

Asheville NC Attractions You Can Enjoy From the Street

Simply walking around Downtown you’ll encounter some Asheville NC attractions without trying. Asheville NC has a long tradition of street musicians (a.k.a. buskers) playing time worn mountain standards as well as introducing and incorporating other styles too. Other Downtown Asheville NC attractions on those same streets are unique restaurants and cafes serving delicious affair made from local ingredients. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffees, teas, and desserts from all over the world help you visit other Downtown Asheville NC attractions while indulging your palate with new experiences. After sunset, the nightlife becomes one of the main Downtown Asheville NC attractions filled with a variety of pubs and bars of all different atmospheres.

Artistic Asheville NC Attractions for Every Sense

Just as visitors frequent Asheville NC attractions for the unique experiences therein, so too are creative people of all walks drawn here to participate in the community making those Asheville NC attractions possible. Painting, film-making, photography, carving, glassblowing, cooking, even dancing—all are on prominent display throughout Asheville NC. Museums and galleries filled with fine regional artists’ work, independent art houses, city drum circles, world-class venues featuring music local and national alike, live stages and playhouses, ancient Cherokee customs exhibitions, and a one-of-a-kind nightlife rank among the best Asheville NC attractions the city has to offer.