Asheville Holiday Parade 2010

The annual Holiday Parade was held in downtown Asheville on Saturday, November 20th.  The streets were lined with thousands who came and waited eagerly for this annual delight. They were soon treated to over 100 performers including dancers, singers, bands and local business floats.   Children’s eyes and smiles reflected their excitement for the parade as well as for the candy that was handed to them during the two hour event.  Parents did not try to stop them as theywere busy enjoying this day through the eyes of their children and letting the seasonal moodhave its way.

Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion made their stroll as gymnastic teams jumped and danced around them. Children’s laughter’s and cries were heard blending with the beat of the marching bands.The youngest of the dancers wererunning to catch up with the older ones as they were intrigued with the large crowd watching them. Mothers rushed behind them to keep them in line with the rest while trying not to become a part of the parade themselves. 

Asheville Homecoming Queen and NAACP’s Queen for the day rode by waving and smiling as somewhere in the audience was sure to be a young girl that dreamed that one day it would be her turn. The drummers in the bands were marching with heads held high as young boys in the crowd were swinging their imaginary drumsticks in the air never missing a beat. 

Asheville may have small town charm but it is big on celebrations and the parade is one of the many opportunities to come downtown and join in the festivities. The spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas were in the air and when the last float with Santa went by to signal the end of the parade the crowd was off to a joyous start to the season.

Story and Photos by Deborah Pustorino