The Mountain Xpress Asheville NC

The Mountain Xpress is where Asheville NC goes to find all the independent news of the Western North Carolina region. With extensive coverage of local elections, as well as a vast Arts and Entertainment section, The Mountain Xpress is Asheville NC’s source for everything Asheville. As a free paper, which can be found outside of almost all Asheville NC restaurants and coffee shops, the Mountain Xpress is published weekly, with new issues arriving to Asheville area businesses every Wednesday.

Arts and Entertainment in The Mountain Xpress

If you pick up a copy of the Mountain Xpress you’ll find more than just issues about the Asheville NC local and state government. You will also find a directory of almost all local performances happening for the week, as well as artist’s profiles and updates on openings, breakups, and record releases for the wide array of Asheville NC performing artists and bands. The Asheville Mountain Xpress is a great resource to use when planning your vacation or weekend in Asheville NC.

Asheville Food Reviews in The Mountain Xpress

The Mountain Xpress also dishes up weekly food reviews sampling all the fare of local eateries, whether new to town, or an Asheville standard. If you have a taste for the exotic then the Mountain Xpress food reviews can certainly help point you in the direction of something special in the Asheville restaurant scene. There’s always something cooking that’s above the norm, and the Mountain Xpress always has the scoop.

The Mountain Xpress and Asheville NC Community

The Asheville community is also a major focus of the Mountain Xpress. The paper’s mission is “To build community and strengthen democracy by serving an active, thoughtful readership at the local level – where the impact of citizen action is greatest.” With goals like that it is easy to see why many locals turn to the Mountain Xpress when they want to raise a complaint or promote an issue. The Mountain Xpress regularly runs columns on local charity events as well as good deeds in the community, and actively tries to use the Asheville newspaper to point out social and environmental issues that have been overlooked by the community.

Kids Stuff in The Mountain Xpress

The Mountain Xpress also provides advice and adventures for parents and children. Every week the movie reviews published in the Asheville Mountain Xpress cover not just films for parent’s nights out, but also honest and upbeat reviews for all the children’s movies playing in the Asheville NC area. There are also reviews of special screenings of films, as well as locally made independent films. There are also weekly articles on parenting tips, as well as lists of kid-friendly activities for the little adventurers in your life.

The Best of WNC in the Asheville Mountain Xpress

With so much to offer the Asheville NC community the Mountain Xpress has its hands full. Still every year they take time to hear from all of their readers, through more than just letters to the editor. The Best of WNC contest is how the Mountain Xpress truly becomes the voice of Asheville North Carolina. Each reader has the option to nominate and vote for individuals and companies in the Asheville NC area that do what they do, better than the rest. At the end of the votiing period the Mountain Xpress publishes the rankings in numerous categories, from shopping to swimming, giving the recipients of these local honors some excellent recognition and free exposure to the entire Asheville NC community. This is what makes the Mountain Xpress one of Asheville NC local’s favorite papers.